Stainless Steel Sanitary Cross

Stainless Steel Sanitary Cross

    S-line fittings; I-line fittings; butt weld fittings; bevel seat fittings; Q-line fittings; different standard are available.

Sanitary Cross pieces

We provide the sanitary cross as followings

●  Size: 1/2"-12"

●  Sanitary equal cross, short cross, reducing cross are available

●  Mirror and matte surface polishing is available

●  Inner Ra 0.6, External Ra 0.8

●  Standard as per : 3A, SMS, ISO, DIN, AS, BS4825, BPE

●  Grade: SS304, SS316L

●  Inner Ra0.4 to meet food requirement; surface is smooth and elegant

●  Gaskets are compliant with FDA

For cross pieces, ... After products are finished, we recheck the roundness, thickness uniformity, Ra value, sand hole, surface uniformity. So after these inspection, the fittings are of excellent quality.

Our sanitary cross pieces are widely used for food, beverage, Dairy , bio-tech, pharmacy industries.