Stainless Steel Sanitary Check Valve

Stainless Steel Sanitary Check Valve

    We provided various types of sanitary check valve, non return valve; Different bodies of ball type, union type, clamp type

 Stainless steel sanitary check valve is also called non return valve or NRV valve.

Joneng offer a wide range of  Stainless steel sanitary check valves. We provide the following different sizes or models to meet customers' requirements.
●  Size: 3/4"-8"
●  Grade in SS304 and SS316L. 
●  Different types of check valves are available.
●  Angle design for precision open and close
●  Simple steam-lined body construction
●  Absolute seating
●  Reduce turbulence and minimize bacteria traps
●  The check valves can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications.
●  Connection type : Butt welded, triclamps, union, flanged, male connections.
●  Simple construction design, free draining
●  The valve body, stem and disc are precision machined, the valves are suitable used for viscous liquids
●  Material trace-ability

Our check valves are widely used in food, beverage, dairy , bio tech, pharmacy industries.