Sanitary pneumaic single diversion valve

Sanitary pneumaic single diversion valve

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Snaitary pneumaic single diversion valve

Flow diversion valve
Stainless steel shutoff / flow diversion valve
The valve is used to stop the liquid or change the flow direction in the system.

Open support bracket which separates the actuator and valve body, the design makes shaft seal checking easily
Spherical valve body assures ideal fluidity 
Dealing material softly
Ultra-thick spherical design avoid the deshape caused from heating stress 
All the contacting parts can be cleaned together or alone
Temperature: -10 degree to 120 degree
High precise casting body
Pressure: 10bar
Working mode: Manual, pneumatic type
Gasket: EPDM, silicone
Easy cleaning , easy maintenance

Valve body type: 20, 30, 21, 22, 31, 32 type
Connection mode: Clamped, welded, etc
Specification: 1"-4", DN25-DN100
Material quality: SUS304, SUS316L
Surface: Mirror polishing, or sand blasting type

inner surface: 0.4Ra
Outer surface : 0.8Ra
Application: Food, beverage, dairy, pharmacy, chemical or any food processing industries